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The Adventures of Ruff and Friends (episode1)

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

"Ruff, when can we go outside?"

"Look, Huggy, we have a job to do right here in the window."

"How is sitting a job?" Huggy asks.

"We gotta wave at the children. They're looking for us."

"Like that one baby yesterday?" Huggy asks.

"Yes, the one that kept waving and waving."

" 'Bout wore my arm off," Huggy says. "It's only connected by a few threads, you know."

"We can get Mom to fix that arm, but remember how that baby smiled when we waved back?"

"Yes. Happy to see us," Huggy says. "I guess this is a good job."

"Sure is," says Ruff.

Ruff and Huggy taking a much needed break from window focus.


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