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About Rae Richen


Rae Richen’s short stories, poetry and articles have appeared in anthologies of Northwest authors, in Pacific Northwest newspapers and in Writers’ Northwest Handbook. She has taught junior high, high school students and adults since the ice age, and has always been impressed with the wide-ranging curiosity and the persistent search for answers among her students.

Her young adult novels, Uncharted Territory, and the Scapegoat series: The Price of Freedom and The Hounded, are written for young adults and adults who enjoy a triumph of life over fear. Her Historical Romance novels, Sentinels of Solitude, In Concert, Frozen Trust and A Fool’s Gold are adult novels of adventure and suspense.

Rae Richen lives with her family, and teaches in Portland, Oregon. She recently served as president of Oregon Writers Colony, a regional organization supporting writers.

Rae Richen teaches writing to adults and, with mystery author Bill Cameron, has taught short story writing to middle school writers. She also has taught classes in how to create an effective and supportive critique group.

Look for Rae Richen’s  next book, a mystery featuring Glyn Jones and Grandma Willie as they try to locate Trace Gowen, the drummer missing from  Glyn’s band.  They discover a lot more is at stake than they ever imagined.

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