I’m excited to be offering my readers Scapegoat: The Price of Freedom as an introduction to the adventures we can share.

When you join Rae's Readers member section, you can also read first chapters of subsequent novels and have access to bonus material on the writing and researching for each book.

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You can join me as we explore fear and power, greed and human need in my short stories and novels, articles, interviews and essays. Using family relationships and the backdrop of historical events, I write to bring focus to the themes that drive our human race. My fiction is written for adults and young adults from the perspective of youth. The characters in these stories face a confusing world of hypocrisy and courageous honesty. The humor, friendships, and caring they bring to these situations help them forge new solutions to age-old problems.

Before becoming a writer, I taught French and English literature, music and history in the public schools. I enjoyed hikes and mountain climbs with my family. I played violin in the Oregon Chamber Music Society, and gave duet concerts with the fine pianist Carol Kilmer.

Back then, I changed from muddy combat boots to dress shoes before teaching first period classes, because during early mornings (and Saturdays) I designed and installed landscapes. Often these landscape renovations updated one-hundred-year old gardens. Working with far-sighted owners, we brought fresh and lively green to renew our community.

I did these fun things right up until the moment I damaged my neck. (Warning: Don’t wax your floors and then walk around in stocking feet; Darwinian Justice will get you.)

That neck injury put the kibosh on teaching and music, hauling of plants and digging of irrigation trenches. The injury turned me to full-time research and writing — not a bad trade off, it turns out. With the help of good physical therapy, the violin and viola are back in my arms. The pruning clippers are back in my tool belt, the joy of music, of teaching, of kids and plants are back in my life. I again relish outdoor adventures that allow me to photograph seasonal changes in the Northwest wilderness and across the United States. My husband and I recently took a raft trip with fantastic friends through the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. I feel great! And I remain an intense and productive full-time writer. My past endeavors and my present working life meet each day in my schedule.

Photo by Eric Griswold

Short Bio:

Rae Richen’s short stories, poetry and articles have appeared in anthologies of Northwest authors, in Pacific Northwest newspapers.

She has taught junior high, high school students and adults since the ice age, and has always been impressed with the wide-ranging curiosity and the persistent search for answers among her students.


Her newest novels are the Scapegoat series, The Price of Freedom and The Hounded. These tales of courage and ingenuity are for readers who enjoy a triumph of life over those who want to control by selling fear. Her first novel, Uncharted Territory, explores the fragility of father and son relationships that are based only on shared physical skill.

Rae Richen is twice past-president of Oregon Writers Colony, a regional organization supporting writers, and a founder of Lloyd Court Press, a cooperative of Northwest authors.

Rae Richen lives with her family, teaches and writes in Portland, Oregon.

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