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Ruff Meets a Strange Animal (episode5)

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Ruff meets a stranger on the steps down to the rainforest. Ruff is afraid at first but then he remembers that the stranger might be afraid, as well. So Ruff says, "Hello. Welcome to our jungle."

The Stranger says, "Ooops."

Ruff says, "Who are you?"

The stranger says, "I took a tumble."

Ruff yells to Huggy, "Hey, Huggy, meet the new animal. His name is Tuka Tumble."

"No," The stranger says, "My name is . . .

"Huggy says, "Nice to meet you, Tumble. I'm hanging out over here to avoid the Buzz Bird. Watch out for the Buzz Bird."

Tumble says, "That's not a Buzz Bird. That's a Hummingbird."

"Sounds Buzzy to me," Ruff says.

"And," Tumble says, "My real name is . . .

Ruff says, "My name is Ruff."

"Are you barking at me?" Tumble asks as he tries to hide in the flowers.

"No. That's my name. I'm Ruff."

"Okay. My real name is . . ."

"Wanna play, Tumble?"

"Aw heck, sure," Tumble says.

"Let's chase our tails," Ruff says.

"Have you ever caught your tail?" Tumble asks.

"No. That's what makes it a good game."

"That's pretty funny," says Tumble. "An endless game of chasing your end."

"Huh?" says Ruff while he sniffs the basil in the pot.

"Do you ever listen?" Tumble asks?

"Come on Tumble, let's chase our tails now."

"I don't have a tail," Tumble says, hiding his tail between his legs.

"Why not?"

"I caught it once." Tumble says.

Ruff sits down fast. "Maybe that's not such a good game after all."


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