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How to

Write a Review

Below, you can find easy directions for how to write review for any of my novels.

Thank You Gift:

When you have written a review, I’d be happy to send you a free short story. Email me here to let me know. I am currently sharing one that will appear in my upcoming anthology, Calling the Shots. 

Suggestions for Writing Your Review


Reviews don’t need to be long. Just write the way you talk about the book. Here are a couple of examples: 


“Very difficult for me to put the book down as I was reading it!. Well-told story with authentic details for the setting and the people. Definitely an original. Complicated issues are addressed appropriately for the time. Rae is a terrific storyteller! I look forward to her next book.”

by Dr. Leslie J. Munson


“I wanted to set aside more and more reading time, just to find out what would happen to these people that I liked a lot. I stayed up late and got up early to have time to read. I hope Rae Richen keeps writing exciting stories like this.


By Lynn Williams


And one more about another of my historical suspense novels: 

“You don’t want to miss this enjoyable story of A Fool’s Gold. Author Rae Richen brings us some delightful characters caught up in mystery, murder, mayhem, and even romance. This story starts with action as Caroline Trewartha, the only female mining engineer in Colorado in the 1880s, is sent to inspect some mines. A WOMAN inspector?? Almost upon arrival, she finds herself in the middle of real danger. If you want a good escape, check out this engaging story and Richen’s well-developed characters."


By Barb S

When you write a review, compose and save it in your computer first. It would be wonderful if you could then post your review on any of the following Places where readers look for good books: Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, etc.  You can find links to my books in all available retailers from my Books2Read author profile, which can be found at

Here is how to share your review: 



To get to the review page in Amazon, you can click on  the following web address to get to my author page:


You hover the mouse over any part of the address above and use Command plus left click, (on an apple product)  or Control (ctrl) plus left click (on a PC). It will open in a new tab in your internet browser, so you will see that soon on your tabs there.


From my Amazon author page, hover over the image of the book you want to review, and click the title of the book in the popup window that appears. This will take you to the page about the book. Hover over the place where it says there are reviews and click on that. It will take you to the bottom of the page, (like way down). On the left of that page there is a chart that says Customer Reviews. Below the chart there is a button that says "Write a customer review". Click on that and it takes you to a place for that book's reviews. 


Among the questions to anticipate there are:

  • "add a photo", which will make your review have more impact if you can (or you can skip if you don't know how to take and upload a photo or screenshot if you had a digital copy) 

  • "What's most important to know?" which you may want to think about before you get in there.


After that is a space for your review. I don't think there is a word restriction, but you don't have to write very long either. Keep a copy of your review in your computer for another use. If you got your copy of the book for free from me, you can add that you were given a free copy for writing an honest review.


Once you have it the way you want it in the review space, just click on the submit button.





If you write your review before hand, you might copy it in Goodreads which is Another way that readers find a book. Here is the place there where you can find all of my books on Goodreads:  (same command or control click method can be used to get to any place like this.)  


Down below the word Read there is a grayed out line that says "Rate this book". Click on the stars you want to give it and up pops a "Write a review". Click on that and just copy your review in there as well.

Other places:

My books are available through many networks. Find and share your review on as many as you wish! The more reviews, the more readers can also discover my books. You can find links to my books on every available retailer from my Books2Read profile:

Visit Rae Richen's Books2Read Profile:

A big thank you for reading and writing. 

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