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A Fool's Gold

A Novel of Suspense and Romance by Rae Richen


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In the 1880’s Caroline Trewartha became a mining engineer by acting as a boy in Pennsylvania’s most prestigious mining school. By 1888, at twenty-four, she is too obviously a lady to play the man. Her company assigns her to improve operations at a mine they have loaned startup money, the only anthracite mine outside of the east. Anthracite is rare and very valuable.


Arriving in By-Gum Mines, Colorado, she is not surprised that mine owner, Gryffith Williams, doesn’t believe her credentials. She soon discovers a deeper reason for distrust. Someone has flooded his mine and killed his good friend. He believes her company plans to destroy him and take over his company. When two more friends are murdered, she convinces Gryf to accept her help, whether or not he trusts her.

As Gryf learns to trust her, and the women of By-Gum come to accept and love her, Caroline feels she has finally found a possible home. Then, she discovers too much, and becomes the next target...

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Rae Richen is the author of historical suspense novels for adults and young adults. Click the link below to view her full catalog:

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