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The Ones Who Curse You by Rae Richen will be available soon. To request a review copy in advance of it's release, contact Rae here.

The Ones Who Curse You

A Tale of Family and Fear


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Sarah Rohan, architect and engineer, has four young apprentices who otherwise might be living on the streets. Abe Hallowell, minister, has become the temporary parent of three children in need of medical services that their distant hometowns cannot provide. When Sarah and her team are
hired to create an accessible home for Abe's children, life becomes frightening.


Threats, apparently from Kevin, Sarah's missing apprentice, put both families in danger. Sarah and Abe must find Kevin while they defend their families from Kevin and his old gang. The dangers test each member of the two families. Sarah and Abe struggle to save Kevin without sacrificing each other and the children.

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