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Intro to Rae's Perspective

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

I focus my lens on the small -- the lady bug that landed in my kitchen sink, the oddly three-sided maple seed, the trail of unusual footprints.

Clouds with sun behind and shinging on the edges, casting dark shadows on the undersides.
What questions do you have about things you see? What causes the clouds to boil up? cast deep shadows on themselves? break open at four every afternoon east of the Rockies in Colorado? Photo R Richen

I focus my lens on the large -- the Grand Canyon from its river and from its cliffs, the city from the street and from the tower, the mountain blowing steam, and the bog becoming a meadow.

I focus my lens on the human -- the small coin of daily adventure, the large coin of revelation, the picayune and the réal.

Join me, add to my observations with your own. Ask the questions with me -- Why? how? What does it mean?

Let's have some fun and see this week's post at


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