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The Joy of Being

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

In this jolly time, I’ve been distracted by the radio, and sometimes unable to move away from the train wreck that is our country at the moment, but then, I visit my children and their children for a little time and regain my perspective. The next generation knows right from wrong, takes care of business and looks for ways to make the world a better place.

This is not true of only my children, but also the children of friends, the violin students I once taught, ad who are still friends, the kids I meet in the stores and at basketball and soccer games.

Of course, I know this is not true universally, but it is true in the schools where I volunteer, even though for some, the fuse may be short because of lousy and even frightening experiences. Still, even the short fused, and the self-defensive, want better and try to gain the skills to make better decisions. It just takes a long time to re-train a world view made negative by a volatile life.

So, I come home ready to write more about those kinds of people making tough decisions and facing adversity with courage. I come home, ever more determined to be with those who want the best but aren’t sure it is out there for them.

And I grow determined to be in the right place when that one kid or grown up needs to know there is love and care waiting for them.

Because of my own life experiences, I enjoy going to the nearby shelter for veterans, where the vets are sharing safety and their stories, where I can help others feed them something made with care and flavor, and then sit with them and talk.

I seek out opportunities to work with people in the congregations of the Interfaith Alliance on Poverty, where there is a work team advocating for changes in laws. They advocate with government entities so that obstacles to a stable life, a poverty free life can be eliminated.

I work with another work team, people who volunteer helping people move out of homelessness and into safe living spaces. I've seen mighty impressive changes people make when they have a home and safety.

I like to go where children and adults are learning through play. Here are we at MoMath a museum about Math ideas.

And here where children can play and learn about simple things.

I enjoy every chance I get to be with middle school students as they explore the world and learn how to make it work for themselves. For some, who have a structured and loving foundation, I can watch them explore how to make the world work for their friends as well.

Being with others as we take a new look at the world from a new angle renews my hope.

There is joy in being with people who are finding their way, seeing things anew. I make myself available as we search through options and interpret what is happening. And in those joyous moments when others find a light in darkness, I am also made whole.


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