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Famous Courtroom Lawyer and Storyteller

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

By Louis Nizer

Pyramid Books, of Doubleday,

New York, New York 1961, republished in many subsequent years.

And still available from many sources.

The six cases discussed by this famous courtroom lawyer contain more drama than any scene in a movie I have watched, or any legal thriller I have read.

These true stories show Louis Nizer’s method of preparation, his concern and care for the psychological well-being of his client and client families.

They show his team’s ability to keep hunting and unraveling until the truth comes pouring out.

I’ve read this book four times, since I found it in a thrift store—a hidden gem that happened in its original days to be on the New York Times bestseller list for 72 weeks.

It is not the famous trials nor the famous people that make this book a great re-read, it is the process of law applied by a determined bull dog.

You’ll be riveted.

Yes, indeed. this book found online, is just as worn as a book can be.

Think its owner read it a lot?

Review by Rae Richen


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