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A Generous, Clear-thinking Teacher of Writing

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Larry Brooks and the Structure of Story

I have gone to Larry Brooks again to remind myself of the most efficient and creative way to get into story. This time, I re-read Larry’s book, Great Stories Don’t Write Themselves. Larry is one of the generous teachers who, in a classroom setting, is patient and kind, but clear about what does and doesn’t work.

In his writing, Larry has patiently and clearly elucidated the process of thoughtful deepening of your initial really cool story idea. He helps you create a lightning concept and a hot story.

Persevere. Larry’s Great Stories Don’t Write Themselves employs sentences with important parenthetic asides, but pay attention. The heart of Larry’s teaching is in there.

Get these ideas in your head and your gut. You will be a better storyteller. You will find a way to write exactly what the reader needs. Readers will turn your pages into the night, hoping your heroine learns what she has to learn in order to come out whole and strong.

Look also for Larry's suspense novels. Fun reads and fine examples of what he teaches us all.

P.s. You are not looking for Larry M or Larry W, though they may be great fellows. You want the real Larry Brooks.


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