Fool's Gold: A Novel of Suspense and Romance

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In the 1880s, as the sole woman mining engineer in Colorado, Caroline Trewartha expects
derision and dismissal, but she doesn’t expect death.


Can she save herself and her community?

Sentinels of Solitude

Frozen Trust

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Frozen Trust is based on events of 1942 when Nazi spies were arrested
for industrial and military sabotage, and for fomenting race riots in cities
across the United States. Sabotage was important to Nazi plans.


However, the greatest enemy within our borders turned out to be our well-fed fears, and hatred of our own diversity...


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Portland author Rae Richen beautifully depicts the power of music to inspire and heal in her latest novel, In Concert. Richen's new historical romantic suspense drags us deep into the fearful life of a world class violinist threatened by a vicious greedy man.


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Mystery author Bill Cameron says: The Price of Freedom is a story with a potent sense of adventure which also plumbs the meaning of friendship and of family.  


The characters are rich and genuine, utterly relatable, dealing with wholly human struggles we all must confront in our lives.

Rae Richen, Author © 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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