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Mac OS X 10.6.7 Snow Leopard Single Layer (ISO DVD).11 aleijayl




.4gb.dd download a live bootable dvd disk image. *live* bootable disk image. the bootable dvd can be placed in your CD-ROM drive and is fully self-contained. it uses a base image file downloaded from a website, customizing it using powerful graphical tools to make it customized for your system. the dvd uses open source software to create its operating system, kernel, and tools. a few hours of your time are required to customize the install process to your needs, but the results are well worth it. the reason this disk is really useful is because it can be used alongside our other disk images for multi-boot systems, to help you get a stable and up-to-date operating system installed. this installation process is not as thorough as a full blown installation, so it is best used for: · people who have a good understanding of the basic concepts of what a distribution is and how it works. · folks who are interested in installing several operating systems alongside each other to create their own customized systems. · people who want to create a minimal and customized system based on an existing distro, such as ubuntu, fedora, or mandriva. the contents of the disk are listed below. i386 – x86 platform (not recommended for OSX Intel PowerPC) amd64 – x86 platform (recommended for OSX Intel PowerPC) linux-firmware-am64_mini.dmg – firmware for am64 macs kernel-3.4.3.iso – kernel (3.4.3-pre) xorg-server-1.5.0.iso – server xorg (1.5.0-pre-2) xorg-server-1.6.0.iso – server xorg (1.6.0-pre-2) xorg-server-1.7.0.iso – server xorg (1.7.0-pre-2) xorg-server-1.8.0.iso – server xorg (1.8.0-pre-2) xorg-server-1.



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Mac OS X 10.6.7 Snow Leopard Single Layer (ISO DVD).11 aleijayl

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