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Frozen Trust

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

My newest novel, Frozen Trust, is now available at all paperback and e-book outlets! Whooray!

Here’s the scoop on Frozen Trust:

During World War Two, Nazi Spies and Fifth Columnists attempted to sabotage war readiness at ship yards and in military bases.

Nazi spies also used rumor and public media to set citizen against citizen and set off racial riots in many cities, all in an attempt to create turmoil and destroy United States effectiveness in fighting against German aggression against allies in Europe.

General Arthur Atweiler secretly led Allied Army investigations into these spy efforts.

He worked for intelligence, while also leading the Tenth Division Mountaineers during their move from Mount Rainier to safer quarters in Colorado.

In 1942, the general's daughter, 24-year-old Laura Atweiler, climbs Longs Peak in Colorado in an effort to discover why her father has missed two meetings and his camp cannot be raised by radio.

Laura discovers her dying father, tortured because of his secret role in Allied Army Intelligence.

His last words implicate trusted staff in his murder! Laura can trust no one as she searches for his killer, especially not her shadow, Central Office of Intelligence agent, Ian McKay.

Get the first chapter free and find out where to purchase at the link below:

And when you finally put down your copy, come back to my blog post Hunting Up Truth for Fiction to find out what set me on the path of this story.


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