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Cindy Brown's Great Naive Detective

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

by Rae Richen

Mystery writer Cindy Brown brings refreshing humor to writing. Ivy Meadows, naive but observant detective, wades in deep dog doodoo trying to prove friends are innocent. Ivy always asks the right question at the wrong time.

In this, the sixth in her Mystery Series, Ivy Meadows, actress and part-time private investigator, searches for the murderer among the costumed denizens of a crowded Renaissance Faire.

In order to discover the real murderer, and exonerate suspects for whom she cares, Ivy goes undercover as a Cockney Belly Dancer during a production of Camelot.

This set-up should tell you quite enough to send you to the bookstore. Only Cindy Brown and Ivy Meadows would be able to pull off pure craziness. Enjoy now.

Go right to the source and get Killalot here.

And then follow this author. We all need the kind of enjoyment that Cindy Brown's mysteries provide. I've laughed my way through six murders so far.

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I enjoyed this book too, whenever Rae left it on the side table for a minute or two.

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